Midnight Jazz – An Inexpensive Way to Capture The Sunset melody


As far as the mobile cameras are concerned, the Vivo V20 packs a powerful 64-mega pixel primary camera fitted with optical zoom, a laser Auto Focus, and an optical image stabilization. The back camera also features an eight-megapixels secondary camera, an 8 mega-pixel camera, and an optical image stabilization. The back camera setup also includes a fingerprint sensor. Apart from that, the Vivo has two cameras namely, a portrait mode and a landscape mode.

If you think that the prices of the vivo v20 might be a bit steep, think again. It comes with a price tag of $749 and it is manufactured by Nokia and so you can be rest assured that you would get the best in terms of the facilities and applications. What’s more, when you go in for this product, you are not only getting the usual facilities like connectivity, but, at the same time, you are also getting a lot more that is tangible and intangible.

For instance, when you go in for the vivo v20, you are getting a feature rich camera which is in total accordance with the present times and is in tune with the needs of the users. The thing is that, when you go in for a high end product like this, you expect that it would be a complete package. In such a case, you should know that the vivo v20 comes with a 64 megapixel primary camera and with a high resolution imaging sensor along with optical image stabilization, a laser auto focus, and an optical zoom. vivo v20

In the off hand, the vivo v20 review cannot commence without commenting upon the user interface of this product. The folks from Nokia have put in a lot of efforts to make this camera convenient for the users and at the same time make it as easy to use as possible. To begin with, there is a dock station which allows you to connect the vivo v20 to the computer via a USB cable. From there, you can then upload your photographs, videos and other images and then share them via email, messaging services or social networking sites. At the end of the day, you can also edit your images.

When you go in for this model, you get a dock station along with the phone which further adds to its convenience. Along with this, you get a charging cable and also a charger, and this in turn enables you to charge the battery of the vivo v20 review while you are on the move. On the other hand, there is also a charging unit which is USB powered and this enables you to charge the battery of the phone even while you are on the move. This is a very novel feature and one which is bound to attract a lot of attention from users.

With a camera as compact as the vivo v20, there is no wonder that Nokia has launched the phone in partnership with Samsung. This is because the two companies have come up with some innovative features for the product. As far as the picture quality is concerned, it is capable of recording pictures in such high resolution that it looks like an actual photograph. If you want to capture some sunset melody in the midst of the midnight blue sky, you can just snap the shot and send it to the friends sitting far away.

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